Biking is better in Warren County

Boy with helmet on bicycleBiking opportunities abound in Warren County, and community leaders are focused on enhancing the experience in order to attract more bikers.

Foothills Business Daily reports that Parks and Trails New York is encouraging community and business leaders to expand bike trail accessibility and look for ways to connect bike trails to downtown areas, for the benefit of bicyclists and local communities.  The average tourism cyclist spends about $230 per day on hotels, food and souvenirs over a long weekend, the group says.

The Outdoor Industry Association released a study in 2017, The Outdoor Recreation Economy, which reported that in the United States, bicyclists spend $83 billion on “trip-related” sales, or bicycle tourism, and generate $97 billion in retail spending. Bicycle recreation spending also contributes to the creation of 848,000 jobs.

“The Warren County bikeway is without question the most popular cycling destination in the area,” says Warren County Safe and Quality Biking Organization (WCSQQBO) on their website.

“This ten mile stretch of family-friendly paved roadway shoulder and dedicated bike path extends from the City of Glens Falls north to the Steel Pier in Lake George Village. The route is popular with cyclists, joggers, and walkers alike, and features frequent rest stops, plus signage highlighting the many historical attractions present along the way. Not surprisingly, the “bike path” features long stretches of flat or gently rolling terrain with an occasional short climb and a gradual descent into the Lake George Valley.”