Now Open: The Bond Tavern, Restaurant and Boutique Hotel in Warrensburg

The former Merrill Magee House in Warrensburg, NY has reopened as The Bond 1786, a restaurant, inn and event venue by The Lotus Group.

The excerpts below from their press release highlight the history of the building. Click here to read the full release.

Screaming History all around, which was the primary focus in the restoration process, the name should not confuse any. Who isn’t a James Bond fan? However, The Bond 1786 is a tribute to the true history of Warrensburg, and it should be remembered. Warrensburg was first settled by westerners in 1786 when William Bond established residency nearby what is today known as Echo Lake. We thought it was appropriate to highlight the history and signify the Roots of what we all cherish today.

Expect a truly historical, memorable time to provide a vibrant backdrop against which to eat, drink and party. Think butterflies, mountains, water bodies, flowers in the setting of a small town, away from the city rush! Taking center-stage is a historical Tavern encapsulated by the main restaurant, a private dining room and hanging entertainment outdoor patio.

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