Meet our Intern, Michael Schrammel!

Lush green mountains tower behind a white, blonde-haired man in scaling up a rock. He is wearing black shorts, black t-shirt, and black hiking boots.Born and raised in Glens Falls, EDC intern Michael Schrammel recently graduated with a BA in economics and a BA in political science from the University at Buffalo. In the fall, he will be attending Johns Hopkins University to achieve his Master’s degree in applied economics. Michael enjoys all the recreational opportunities our area has to offer such as golfing, hiking, tennis, and pickleball. He also frequents the local breweries with friends on the weekends. 

Michael is currently working as an intern with us to address housing issues through data-driven analysis of the economic impact that housing development has on our local economy. 

Michael writes:

I worked with Jim Siplon (EDC President) at JUST for a few years and he reached out to me this summer offering me a position doing data-driven economic analysis. Once Jim described the work that he wanted me to do for EDC, I was immediately excited to start. 

Working at EDC is fast-paced and the work is always evolving. One thing that I have discovered while doing research here is that once you answer one question, ten more present themselves. It is exactly that reason that I enjoy interning here.  

My immediate goal is to successfully complete my two-year Master’s program. I hope to find a career in one of the following areas after graduation international economics, environmental economics, or health economics. During my graduate studies, I will be taking courses in all of these fields and I will hopefully narrow it down to one of the three at the end of the two years. 

Our region has many unique features that aren’t found anywhere else. The plethora of lakes and mountains provides an endless amount of outdoor activities from physically demanding hikes to a relaxing day on the lake. 

Our region overall provides all of the necessities for great quality of life. Although the region isn’t in need of many vast improvements, it is in need of continued sustainable economic growth if the quality of life in the area is to remain at its current level or even improve.