Website accessibility is important to us – we want our website to be accessible to everyone on every platform. We utilize the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and Web Accessibility Standards to guide our website content and design to ensure our website is up to accessibility standards and user-friendly for all that come across it.

We are constantly reviewing our website to ensure accessibility requirements are met. We know website accessibility is ever-evolving so please fill out our contact form if you see any issues that prohibit or limit your use of the website.

Our Accessibility Standards

Website Presentation

  • Descriptive text
  • Nested headings
  • Color alone does not convey meaning
  • Clear forms
  • Uniform labels
  • Clean code

Website Appearance

  • Zoom text
  • Color contrast ratio
  • Distinctive links
  • Consistent layout and navigation

Content Alternatives

  • Descriptive alt text
  • No images of text
  • Text transcripts
  • Table data
  • Extraneous documents

User Control

  • No automatic pop-ups, video, or audio
  • No unexpected changes
  • Pause updating/refreshing content
  • Adjustable time limits
  • Important submissions

Website Usability

  • Search function
  • Sitemap
  • Language

Accessibility Resources

While our website is accessible, we also recommend taking advantage of the accessibility options offered by major browsers and applications. Please view the following links to access these options and learn more: