Strong Local Economy, Educated Workforce

With a population of approximately 65,000 people, Warren County maintains a small-town character in its communities, where a well-educated and skilled workforce enjoys easy access to employment, transportation, education, health care, and recreation. Warren County is situated at the northern rim of New York’s 11 county Capital Region totaling 1.1 million people. To the north are the majestic Adirondacks with its natural beauty, timber, minerals and host of other natural resources. Collectively, the Capital Region’s economy is varied and outperforming most of Upstate New York. A recent analysis by the Center For Economic Growth, Inc. in Albany shows the breakdown of GRP growth over five years by county indicated Warren County enjoyed significant positive growth.

Profiles of Warren County and Its Towns

Data from The Adirondack Park Regional Assessment (2014) and Cornell University’s Program for Applied Demographics

Demographic Profile of Warren County, New York

Population Data