Adirondack elegance at wedding venue, The Promise Gardens

Chic barn weddings are popular, for good reason. At the right venue, barn weddings provide a couple with an elegant yet rustic backdrop to celebrate their marriage. The Promise Gardens of the Adirondacks are the perfect venue, striking a flawless balance between nature and luxury.

EDC Warren County was at The Promise Gardens recently on a tour with the owner, Terri Larson. When we arrived, Terri was knee deep in dirt, planting flowers and preparing for the next day’s wedding. Her eye for detail is incredible. She knows exactly what meticulous adjustments to make for the property to feel polished and fresh for each client.

The Three Sisters Mountain provide a majestic backdrop for The Promise Gardens’ rustic barns and flowery outdoor spaces. Curtains swung in the gentle country breeze as Terri walked us through the property and spoke about different features of the venue. The pride in her voice was palpable. Any visitor can see the venue is stunning, but Terri seems to have an ever-evolving plan to make everything just a little more perfect.

We left feeling uplifted by Terri’s passion for The Promise Gardens and inspired by the venue’s beauty. If you are in the market for a special wedding, EDC Warren County encourages you to take a drive to The Promise Gardens and see it for yourself. Until then, see below for our photos.