Communities & Local Government

Warren County offers a range of communities with different lifestyle options, including the friendly small-town feel of the City of Glens Falls, to the suburban neighborhoods of Queensbury, to the resort communities around Lake George and North Creek, and the more rural towns and hamlets in the southern Adirondack Park.

In the southern part of the county, Glens Falls/Queensbury area is the center for entertainment, shopping, commerce and cultural activities, though there are many outdoor recreation and historic sites further north in the county as well.

America’s Favorite Summer Towns
Glens Falls ranks #3 on this USA Today list, and the comments note that Glens Falls has a lower median home value than the national average.

Local Government

A 20-member Board of Supervisors, representing each of the county’s 11 major towns and the City of Glens Falls governs Warren County. The Town of Queensbury and the City each have five representatives on the Board. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors serves as the chief elected official of the county. Each supervisor presides over a town council, which manages each of the 11 towns.

The City of Glens Falls and the Village of Lake George each have a mayoral form of government. The City has a five-member city council; and the Village has a four-person board of trustees.

Profiles of Warren County and Its Towns

Data from The Adirondack Park Regional Assessment (2014) and Cornell University’s Program for Applied Demographics