Broadband in Warren County, John Wheatley EDC Warren County VP optimism as SLIC Network Solutions moves forward

John Wheatley, VP of EDC Warren County, was recently interviewed by Foothills Business Daily regarding broadband in the north country.

John Wheatley, vice president of the Warren County Economic Development Corporation, said the beneficiaries of the buildout in Warren County have been concentrated in the “outer county” towns of Johnsburg, Thurman, Stony Creek, and Warrensburg.

He estimates that 500 to 1,000 addresses in the county remain unserved by broadband.

“It’s an ongoing process of addressing the holes that are left, and as much as we can, influencing the deployment of more fiber optic cable in the county to enhance capacity and increase service,” Wheatley said.

For the rest of the story, click the link. Pandemic did not start it, but is pushing the broadband build-out. – Foothills Business Daily