Our Areas of Focus

EDC Warren County has its aim on specific components that directly impact our region’s core mission of economic growth and prosperity.

The areas of focus are as follows:

EDC infographic

Broadband expansion

The expansion of broadband coverage across Warren County will ensure that people in every community have access to reliable, affordable, Internet service.

Here are some benefits of Broadband in rural communities.

When given access to affordable broadband, rural businesses restricted to local markets, such as “mom and pop” shops or home-based businesses, can expand their market reach across the nation and even the world. An example of this is Nettle Meadow Farm & Kemp Sanctuary in Thurman, New York, who recently saw the benefits of improved broadband access firsthand.

Broadband brings the opportunity for direct access to education and health care for rural residents who are otherwise forced to travel long distances for college courses and medical treatment. An example of this is the boom in Telehealth appointments since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rural libraries’ newly enhanced by high-speed Internet often experience a resurgence of community interest and participation. High-speed Internet provides rural residents access to global information and cultural resources. Libraries across the county implemented virtual libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic and have long-held virtual storytimes for those who cannot make it to the library.

Affordable broadband enables historically urban businesses like graphic design, website design, and other creative industries to experience new life in rural settings while competing on the same level as city-based companies.

With broadband, your office can be anywhere and we are seeing an influx of remote workers in the area.

Farmers gain real-time access to vital information such as crop prices or weather forecasts, and marketing opportunities through high-speed networks. We see the benefits of this at the various Farmers Markets in the region.


The diversity of high-quality housing options will meet the needs of our current residents and those who are moving into the region.

A benefit to affordable housing options is that there is an increase in discretionary spending. When residents can make their rent payments, they’re able to spend more on local purchases and go beyond the bare necessities to buy healthy food, have better access to healthcare, and spend more at their nearby businesses. Millennials are flocking to areas with affordable housing where they can accrue savings.

Workers in higher-wage sectors have more housing choices; however, even these households will face affordability challenges if there is not a sufficient supply of housing, at the right prices or rents, and in the right locations in the community.


Warren County is well on its way to establishing itself as the capital of New York’s medical device and clean-tech industries.

The term clean-tech is used to refer to various companies and technologies that aim to improve environmental sustainability.

Here are a few examples of medical and clean-tech in Warren County:

BD Becton Dickinson
Erbessed Instruments
Spectrum Plastics Group
Delcath Systems, Inc.
Bates Industries, Inc.
Precision Extrusion, Inc.
Apex Solar
Sustainable PR
JUST Water

Professional relocation

We always have professionals on our minds and work to encourage employees who can work remotely to consider the lifestyle and business advantages of moving to Warren County.

Warren County is the home to Lake George, the “Queen of American Lakes,” and is nestled at the base of the Adirondack Mountains. Living here, you just a few hours north of New York City and a few hours south of Montreal. This region is home to year-round outdoor recreation and cultural enrichment.

We also strive to attract people who are interested in plentiful employment opportunities with our established and growing businesses.


Infrastructure connects households across metropolitan areas to higher quality opportunities for employment, healthcare, and education. It means helping local municipalities install and upgrade sewer, water, and other facilities essential to continued, smart, sustainable growth.

Furthermore, clean energy and public transit can reduce greenhouse gases leading to a healthier environmental impact.

Community building

The EDC assists new and existing businesses in expanding, creating jobs, as well as accessing funding and other support.

Community development is vital in improving the lives of citizens because it creates strong, diverse communities that are able to collaborate to solve issues and come together to celebrate successes. Communities are able to attract and retain talent, grow businesses and industries while creating a larger customer base and income tax bracket which will lead to more programs and reduced debt for the city.

Effective community development leads to less crime, less disparity between citizens, better jobs, a more talented diverse workforce, and overall increases opportunities for growth.

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