Glens Falls Hospital Leads The Way on Diversity and Inclusion

The region’s largest employer, Glens Falls Hospital, is taking steps to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment in Warren County. Last year following the Black Lives Matter march in Downtown Glens Falls which attracted thousands of peaceful protesters, the hospital formed its diversity, equity, and inclusion committee.

The Post-Star reports that the committee was the idea of two physicians, Dr. Andre Johnson, an orthopedic surgeon and the hospital’s chief of surgery, and Dr. Jordan Blackwell, a cardiologist.

The committee is composed of members from all areas of the hospital from surgery to housekeeping and every position in-between. The committee mandates that all patients, visitors, and staff feel welcome and accepted in the hospital. They recently had training centered on trans-informed care and are sensitive to patient’s name changes and ask what their preferred pronouns are.

Kathryn Cramer, the hospital’s intake and in-reach coordinator has been leading the effort to spread rainbow-colored posters that state “All are welcome here” in 15 languages across the City of Glens Falls and beyond.

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