Glens Falls Named Safest City by Rocket Mortgage

Add “Safest City in the U.S.” to Hometown USA’s list of accolades. Rocket Mortgage recently named Glens Falls as number one on its list of 15 of the United States’ safest cities.

“With a thriving art scene and proximity to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, Glens Falls has something for everyone,” the article says.

The city’s natural beauty, low violent crime, and property crime rates weren’t the only benefits included in the comparison, which also lauded cities such as State College, Pennsylvania, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Property values and real estate affordability were key factors, too.

In the March 7 article, Rocket Mortgage — an online lending arm of Quicken Loans, the largest mortgage lender in the U.S. — compared each city on its list to the national average in categories that include population, violent crime rate, property crime rate, median household income and median home price.

The national average as of Jan. 25, 2021, was a city population of 330,854,690, with a violent crime rate of 366.7 and a property crime rate of 2109.9. The median household income was $68,703 and the median home price was $324,900.

Rocket Mortgage includes Warren and Washington counties in the Glens Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area, and lists the population as 124,339, with a violent crime rate of 127.1 and property crime rate of 728.7 — fractions of the national average. The median household income was calculated at $50,071 and the median home price was $156,200.

“Sporting many reasonably affordable homes, Glens Falls is a perfect destination for those looking to escape busy city life for a home closer to nature,” Rocket Mortgage wrote.

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