Interview with Matt Fuller, new owner of 18 Exchange St. in Glens Falls

Matt and Nancy Fuller recently purchased 18 Exchange St. from George Normandin for $568,000. The building is the former home of Normandin Marketing and Rude Betty. 

We interviewed Matt Fuller about the purchase of the building and why he chooses to invest in Warren County.

EDC: Why did you decide to purchase the building?  

MF: Nancy and I have been looking at quite a few buildings in recent years. A couple of them didn’t work out, but when we saw George list 18 Exchange, we jumped on it.  We made an offer less than 24 hours after it hit the market. George had done a large amount of work on the building and it was a good jumping-off point for what we want to do downtown.

EDC: What do you see as the future of the building?   

MF: We are renovating the second floor into an apartment, where we will live, and we will keep the first floor as retail. We are already working on a new tenant with Rude Betty moving to a bigger space on Glen Street.

EDC: What do you see as the future for Exchange Street?  

MF: I know the city has an improvement project in line for the streetscape, which is awesome. With Juicin’ Jar next door, Exchange Street is its own little niche downtown.

EDC: As business owners, why did you choose to invest in Warren County?  

MF: I’ve been an attorney here for 20 years and almost 11 years ago Nancy and I opened Fountain Square Outfitters. My law firm is in Lake George and, having grown up in the area, this is our home so this is where we are investing our time and effort.  The support for both our firm and FSO has been great. The vast recreational opportunities available to us on our doorstep exceeds the amount of available time that most of us have, which is awesome. Want to hike? Pilot Knob on Lake George or Bolton on the west side are minutes away. Mountain biking, swimming, the bike trail, disc golf, skiing, climbing — our region really has it all.