Kate Hartley finishes North Creek mosaic project after 10 years

Ten years ago, Johnsburg artist Kate Hartley had a vision to create one of the largest pieces of public art in the North Country. The North Creek mosaic project was partially funded by NYSCA grants and the non-profit organization the Friends of the Town of Johnsburg Parks. Kate used the help of more than 2,000 volunteers, each of whom left their mark by participating in laying tiles of stone and stained glass.

Kate Hartley, a white woman in a colorful tank top and bright blue skirt stands in front of the rafting scene in the mosaic. The sun is shining and she is smiling.

Photo Credit: North Creek Mosaic Project Facebook page.

 The mosaic showcases images of life in the Adirondack region. Scenes include a rafting adventure, a large moose, mountain views, and even a black bear stepping out of the mosaic. 

Kate told North Country Public Radio, “All the kids in town and in a couple of towns nearby have also worked on it over the years. So, all the kids from about 10 to let’s say 23 now have worked on the mosaic and created the fish and butterflies and leaves for the trees and the clouds in the sky.

“That’s been really exciting to work with kids as well as residents and visitors, passers-by; I would invite people to, you know, ‘Hey you want to come stick some tile?’ and they would quite often say, ‘Yes!’ and come and spend an hour and sometimes the hour turned into three or four hours, just creating some cool little part of it that they can come back and visit.”

The mosaic can be seen any time. The completed work stretches an impressive 180 feet along a wall on Main Street in the heart of downtown North Creek.

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