KIRSH Helmets Gets Rave Review From Respected Motorcyclist Mario Crim

Mario Crim, an avid motorcyclist and Vice President of Operations at All Fleet, Inc. out of Kenosha, Wisconsin, recently gave KIRSH Helmets a rave review on his YouTube channel.

Although the helmet’s interior silicon frame made it heavier than what he’s used to, Mario’s concerns were put to rest after his first ride wearing a KIRSH. Mario tells his viewers that once you start riding you don’t notice the weight, but you do notice how the helmet doesn’t shift around on your head or cause annoying wind shear.

Mario speaks to the eight years it took for KIRSH to develop the helmet, “The people at KIRSH slowed down, they studied helmets, they studied the aerodynamics of the helmet and the construction of the helmet, and they made a helmet that’s safe.”

The safety and comfortability of the helmet weren’t the only things Mario praised about KIRSH. He also recognized the business for being American-made and for employing veterans of the United States armed forces.

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