Mark Mulholland interviews Warren County helmet business

Kirsh Helmets is changing the way we think of protecting our brains, states Mark Mulholland of News Channel 13.

It all started when a long time rider and Lake George man went to a big bike rally in 2008, where out of 200,000 attending, one person was wearing a helmet. Jason Kirshon of Kirsh Helmets tells NewsChannel 13 that’s because traditional helmets were too big and uncomfortable.

After years of research and testing, they found a safer, more comfortable product. It all happens at a facility in Queensbury.

Warren County’s Economic Development Corporation President, Jim Siplon, calls Kirsh a game changer, and says, “they’re the kind of company that locates here because they like living here.”

Learn about the technology Kirsh says makes their helmets safer by watching the video of Mark Mulholland’s story.