Meet Jordan, Warren County EDC’s Newest Intern

Jordan Alles’ second day as an intern at Warren County EDC, he spent the day unpacking boxes and assembling furniture.

“My work at the EDC so far has been different than what I imagined,” said Alles, a SUNY Adirondack student who grew up in western New York. “If I’m going to find a career that best fits me, I’m going to have to keep an open mind.”

The second half of the day was spent researching housing in the area, an interest of Alles’ that led to the internship. “I attended an EDC housing discussion at the Queensbury Hotel. Being the youngest person there, I drew some attention to myself,” he said, explaining how he met EDC President Jim Siplon.

Alles discovered an interest in real estate and business while a senior in high school, but he’s studying Environmental and Resource Conservation with the hopes of working outdoors. “My career is not set in stone. I have always been an outdoorsman, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pursue the world of business and economics as well,” he said. “Business is integrated into almost every aspect of modern living, including state and national parks.”

His dream job is to be a park ranger in Yosemite National Park. “We have such an amazing world just waiting to be explored,” he marveled.

For now, he’s happy exploring housing challenges and possible solutions. “Interning at the EDC has been a great experience,” he said. “I have found a sense of importance not in my college classes. Knowing that my work here matters makes me more eager to move forward and gives me purpose.”


Jordan the intern sitting at his desk.