New Owners of Former Blacksmith Shop, One of the Oldest Buildings in Glens Falls

Melanie (Fronhofer) Weber, CEO of Fronhofer Design in Argyle, New York, and Christian Weber, c0-owner of Common Roots Brewing Company on Route 9 in South Glens Falls, have purchased the former blacksmith shop at 56 Glen Street, one of the oldest buildings in Glens Falls, New York, reported Gordon Woodworth of the Foothills Business Daily on March 14. This building is one of the few that survived the catastrophic downtown fire of 1864.

“We live in Glens Falls and want to see it continue to flourish. 56 Glen Street is one of the oldest buildings in Glens Falls and we did not want to see it sit vacant. We want to bring it back to life and make it a welcoming beacon as people cross the bridge and enter the City,” said Christian and Melanie to EDC when we reached out.

“Glens Falls is a special place with a deep sense of community,” they added. “We love that it is a welcoming City with most everything you need at your fingertips while at the same time remaining a small town where everyone knows everyone and lending a hand to your neighbor is common practice. We’re thankful that Glens Falls has created a thriving community where we want to both raise our family and make business investments.”

Foothills Business Daily reported that the couple plan to first secure the building, repair the roof and replace the doors and windows, fixing the building with care.

The two also have business investments in Troy, South Glens Falls, Glens Falls, and Lake Placid, they shared with EDC. “This area is rich with opportunity and we have great confidence that Upstate New York will continue to shine as a place to live, play, and work,” said Christian and Melanie.

Read the Foothills Business Daily article for more information by clicking here.

Photo Credit: Gordon Woodworth, 2022