Relocating a Business to Warren County: Meet Erbessd Instruments CEO Mike Howard

Erbessd Instruments is now located in downtown Glens Falls, with headquarters in the recently renovated 19 Exchange Street (formerly the home of Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe).

The company is the premier global provider of vibration and balancing solutions and are considered “masters of machine health,” they told us in a recent interview. Their team develops vibration analysis equipment that is used in thousands of machines around the globe to detect malfunctions before catastrophic damage or loss occurs.

We caught up with CEO Mike Howard, CEO of Erbessd Instruments and President of Vibro-Laser, to learn more about how he’s doing business in Warren County.

Tell us more about yourself and Erbessd.

I am a South Glens Falls native and thanks to the Air Force and a 20-year career in this field have had the opportunity to live all over the country and travel the world. My wife, Megh, is our Chief Marketing Officer and we have three daughters and a beautiful new granddaughter.

We often equate our Phantom sensors to an EKG for machinery. Just as you would get an EKG to uncover problems in your heart before it stops working, we provide that same life-saving service for machines.

Vibro-Laser also saves millions in lost production and equipment damage by correcting rotating machine misalignment. We use precision laser equipment to ensure the alignment of shafts that lengthens the lifespan of costly machinery and improves the efficiency as well. In this case, we relate the VLSAT system to the same work your mechanic does on your car when you get an alignment. The goal is to ensure your car is running at peak performance, most fuel-efficiently, for as long as possible and we do the same on a much larger scale.

Why did you choose to move your business to Exchange Street?

When we started here in the U.S. six years ago, our first office was in my basement. We have tried several other office spaces in the time since, and none felt like a home base we could grow in. Our new facility at 19 Exchange Street, surrounded by small shops and restaurants, the SUNY Adirondack Culinary Center, Glens Falls Hospital, and Historic Queensbury Hotel feels like the hub we want to want to be a part of. Seeing the growth in Warren County and being a part of it is exciting.

What do you love about Warren County?

The variety in Warren County offers something for everyone. From large and small business and industrial production facilities to walking trails, well-maintained parks, and the priority they place on preserving the history all around us, anyone can find a home in Warren County.

Why should someone relocate here?

Warren County is the heart of the tri-county area, in our opinion. The offerings varying from beautiful small towns to bustling downtown areas provide a great combination for setting up shop. The county has made our move very easy and even more importantly, gone above and beyond to make us feel very welcome.

Anything else you would like to share?

We look forward to the success of many many years to come in Warren County!