Revolution Rail providing visitors with stunning views of Warren County

The newest way to experience the unmatched beauty of Warren County is a throwback to the early days of transportation. Revolution Rail Co. provides stunning views of the region’s landscape while biking along long-unused railroad tracks.

“We’ve had some great success in the past couple of years,” said Molly McCarthy, site manager for Revolution Rail’s North Creek location and community development liaison, in an EDC interview. 

So much so, that what started in 2017 with one experience, the North Bridge Trip in North Creek, has expanded to include the South River Run in North Creek, and runs in Hadley and Stony Creek.

“Each one offers something different,” McCarthy said. “It’s a great way for people to get outside and explore a little bit more.”

  • The flagship trip, the North Bridge Run, is 7 miles out and back through the forest and over the Hudson River on a trestle bridge. Riders are shuttled to and from the North Creek station. At the turn point, there is opportunity to take in the beauty of the Boreas River.  
  • The South River Trip, also out of North Creek, is a mostly flat 7.5-mile round trip that hugs the Hudson River, with what McCarthy describes as “epic views” of the river. Riders enjoy wildflowers, rocky outcroppings with mosses unique to the region, a beaver dam, pond and plenty of wildlife. At the turn, participants can explore the banks of the Hudson. 
  • From Hadley, riders take on a 6-mile round trip that includes crossing the Sacandaga and Hudson rivers on a 500-foot span 90 feet above the water. The bridge overlooks a beautiful historic parabolic bridge and rapids.
  • The Stony Creek Trip is 8 miles both ways, running from Thurman along the Hudson River and hitting the turning point at the scenic 1000 Acre Ranch. Starting near Hickory Mountain, guests are treated to views of the Hudson as it widens and pours into the valley. 

Part of the beauty of rail biking, McCarthy shared with EDC, is that mostly everyone can do it. “We’ve had guests with ambulatory concerns and they can just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride. Families bring elderly family members and they enjoy it.” 

While rail biking is active, McCarthy ensures it’s not strenuous. “It’s definitely leisurely. We’ve had newborns and 90-year-olds.”

Guests flock from outside the region, she said, but Revolution Rail also welcomes plenty of locals. “Since COVID, we’ve had more and more people from throughout Warren County, even into Saratoga County and the Capital Region.”

“We encourage guests to explore North Creek,” McCarthy said. “It’s an all-encompassing experience, not just rail biking but exploring local charm as well.”

“That idea — taking something that has been here a long, long time and making it innovative — is a cool way to use what no one uses anymore,” she said. “Freight doesn’t care what the scenery is, but fortunately people do.”

Rail bikes are available as two- or four-seaters, with prices starting at $90. Learn more or make reservations at