RPI and IBM Unveil The First Quantum System One on a University Campus

EDC is excited by the news that RPI and IBM are collaborating with the first quantum computer to be located on a university campus. Special congratulations to leading visionaries Dr. Marty Schmidt and Dr. John Kelly both of whom keynoted EDC’s Annual Luncheon last fall. There has been a longstanding history of collaboration between IBM and RPI including the Jefferson Project on Lake George, NY which has used unique advanced technologies for over ten years to monitor and help protect freshwater.

Last year, RPI announced at it’s New Global Research Initiatives Forum that the five key areas of focus on the horizon for RPI are: Precision Medicine, Future of Computing, Energy/Built Environment & Smart Systems, Fresh Water and CHIPS/Future Manufacturing. EDC is working closely with RPI on several of these areas including Fresh Water and has engaged RPI’s life sciences entrepreneurship program at RPI’s Lally School of Business. The Quantum System One collaboration will undoubtable impact each of those areas and much more.

See IBM’s press release: https://newsroom.ibm.com/2024-04-05-Rensselaer-Polytechnic-Institute-and-IBM-unveil-the-worlds-first-IBM-Quantum-System-One-on-a-university-campus?sf187589600=1

Photo Credit: IBM