Running a Business in Warren County: Meet James Joseph of Sharp Presents

Originally from Brighton Michigan, just outside Detriot, James Joseph relocated to Warren County and started his business. Sharp Presents designs and creates gift arrangements for all occasions. We interviewed James to learn more about doing business in Warren County.

Tell us about Sharp Presents.

Sharp Presents is a gift shop that specializes in the following services; gift baskets, gift crates, curated gifts, and corporate gifts. Locally made products are always a favorite, may it be for a realtor closing gift, resort hospitality gift, or a general gourmet.

How did the business start?

Through a referral from some volunteer work we had done with a non-profit organization, I was asked to do VIP gifting for the Gideon Putnam in the summer of 2016. In August, at the end of that project, I decided to re-establish Sharp Presents based on a similar business that I owned and ran in the early 2000s. In September 2017, we moved from a studio business to a retail location at 1088 Route 9, in Queensbury.

How did you land in Queensbury?

We came to the area from Michigan due to my spouse receiving a job at the time from Covidien and our retail location really sort of fell into our laps. A lady had contacted us after seeing one of our designs and asked to purchase the container in the design. She came to our residential studio to pick up the item. Once she got there, we started talking to find out that she used to own Meadow Run Gift Baskets, which had closed years before, and that space was still empty. Even though we had no plan to go retail, a month later Sharp Presents was moving into that space.

What is unique about Warren County and the surrounding area?

We have found that there are a number of elements that make Warren County unique. The combination of the Adirondacks with the beautiful surroundings, the tourism, the diversified activities in the region, and the detailed history of the area.

Tell us how your business supports other businesses in the area.

We strongly support locally made. We are proud of the products that are made in the area and region. We continue to add to our locally made selection and are always looking for additional items to add to our selection. We believe strongly in the “Triple Win Concept” — When you shop with us, you support Sharp Presents, support our local makers and enjoy some of the best local gourmets.

What would you say to an entrepreneur thinking about relocating their business or starting their business in Warren County?

There is some great growth in the area with an abundance of opportunities for entrepreneurs. There is a great selection of retail and office space in the area to fit any need. it is the perfect time to establish yourself and this is the area to do it.

Anything else you would like people to know?

We are grateful for our growing business with corporate accounts throughout Warren County. We enjoy working with real estate, hospitality, and corporate events. Fourth-quarter holiday gifting with corporate clients is always a busy time. We are always interested in something new and challenging.