The Importance of Employee Appreciation

“This is a busy time of year at a critical point in our economic recovery so it’s imperative that we are showing our appreciation to our hard-working employees across every industry,” says Liza Ochsendorf, Warren County Director of Employment & Training. “We don’t want to burn out our workforce at a time when we don’t have a supply for employee turnover. But regardless of the economic circumstances of any given year, it is always important to show gratitude to employees. It boosts morale, increases productivity, and contributes to a positive work environment.”

Surveys have shown that 69% of employees say they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized.

Liza provided some examples below.

10 Simple Ways to Show Appreciation to Employees:

1. Listen to their ideas and ask for their input as often as possible.

2. FOOD! Everyone loves when their supervisor brings in coffee and donuts on a Monday morning or orders pizza for the team on a Friday!

3. Provide flexibility in their work schedule when you can.

4. Offer discounts and/or free merchandise if you’re in retail or hospitality.

5. Create an internal incentive and rewards program.

6. Recognize and celebrate individual and team successes as often as possible.

7. Know what motivates each employee. One employee may be motivated by a salary raise or gift card, while another employee is motivated by public recognition of their work.

8. Opportunities for advancement and learning new skills.

9. Staff outing or retreat. There are plenty of free and low-cost things that you can do together!

10. Say THANK YOU as often as possible and in many ways (in person, phone calls, and cards).