The Top 5 Best Things About Living in Johnsburg, New York

The EDC is shining a spotlight on the diverse assets of our region by listing the top 5 best things about living in Warren County communities. The first community we are covering is scenic Johnsburg which is located about 30 miles north of Lake George.

The mountainous landscape and welcoming community of Johnsburg come alive in the winter. When you enter, you are greeted by a vintage red gondola on the side of the road. It is very apparent that you are entering a ski town with deep historic roots. On your way to your rustic Adirondack lodge or cozy bed & breakfast, you’ll see the recently completed community mosaic art project from local artist Kate Hartley.

We are going to break down the top 5 reasons why Johnsburg is not only a great place to visit, but a wonderful area to relocate to.


5. Recreation

Get outside and enjoy all that Johnsburg has to offer! Trails abound, many of them all-season, with mountains to climb and ski, the unique Ski Bowl Park and Riverfront Park, a unique reclined rail biking experience, and rafting, kayaking, paddling, swimming, and fishing in ponds and rivers.

Johnsburg truly offers a wide range of outdoor adventures for every age, experience level, and fitness level.

All of these wonderful outdoor recreation options can be explored in detail via our comprehensive Recreation Mapper!


4. History

Are you a history buff? Johnsburg is full of historical landmarks, markers, and monuments at every turn. Walk in the footsteps of history at the North Creek Depot Musem where Teddy Roosevelt took his ride to destiny after McKinley had been shot and became the 26th president of the United States. In the same complex, you can learn all about the rich skiing history of the area and how the railroad made lasting impacts.

You and your family can unearth beautiful gem-quality garnet just like the early settlers to the region at Barton Mines. The mine site is flat, making it good for walking and for wheelchair accessibility.


3. Arts

This vibrant arts community has something for everyone all year round! This creative community hosts everything from outdoor public art to live music to world-class fine art, as well as classic and contemporary theatre productions.

2. Lodging

Tired from all of that exploring and learning? Stay overnight in one of Johnsburg’s various lodging options. Do you picture yourself in a rustic cabin with a fireplace? They’ve got you covered. Maybe you would prefer glamping in a heated tent or yurt, they’ve got that too. Is a quaint bed and breakfast more your vibe? We’ve got one on our list!


1. Landscape

The landscape in and around Johnsburg is absolutely breathtaking. Nestled in the Adirondack Mountains, you’ll find scenic vistas, gorgeous hiking trails, and well-maintained campgrounds throughout the region. Keep coming back so you can experience Johnsburg in all its glory throughout the changing seasons.

Just a few hours north of New York City and a couple of hours south of the Canadian border, the Adirondack Mountains offer an outdoor paradise. The mountains, trails and ponds, and rivers have inspired generations to hike, paddle, and play in nature.

Come stay and play in Johnsburg!

Stay tuned for our features on other areas of Warren County worth exploring.