The Top 5 Best Things About Living in Thurman, New York

Maple syrup

The EDC is shining a spotlight on the diverse assets of our region by listing what we consider the top 5 best things about living in Warren County communities. In this installment, we are covering Thurman, New York which is a town in the Western portion of Warren County located about 17 Miles Northwest of Lake George.

Nestled in the scenic Adirondack Mountains, the town of Thurman is a thriving, welcoming, creative, and farming-centered community that truly has something for everyone all year-round.

We are going to break down our top 5 reasons why Thurman is not only a great place to visit but a wonderful area to relocate to.

1. Maple

In the Adirondack region, March means one thing, maple season. Thurman is known for their annual Maple Days event which offers free tours of maple sugaring operations, tastings, sugaring demonstrations, and tasty souvenirs to take home. Even though the event was canceled this year due to the pandemic, you can still tour some of the farms and purchase their maple products online.

Top Maple Producers in the Thurman area:

2. A Rich History

In 1788, a wealthy merchant named John Thurman purchased a 25,200-acre swath of land in the Adirondacks which would later become part of the Gore Region. He developed the land to create a sawmill, grist mill, distillery, and woolen factory. He also built ash works and made large quantities of potash, for which farmers were paid one shilling per bushel for ashes.

The township of Thurman split up and Johnsburg was formed in 1805. The early economy of the town depended upon its natural resources: forests, tillable land, and minerals. The economy quickly grew, thanks to its large number of farms and the booming logging industry. Locals filled all the positions for the logging companies. Logs were floated down the Hudson River, and the area featured multiple sawmills and wood manufacturing businesses.

Thurman’s calico printing plant is believed to have been the first of its kind in America.

3. Fall Farm Tour

The Thurman Fall Farm Tour showcases maple producers, a goat and sheep farm, sanctuaries, a tree farm and lumber mill promoting sustainable forestry, and more. This self-guided tour takes you through Thurman’s vibrant farming community where you can see hands-on how these producers make their world-class goods!

Participating farms and operations include:

4. Fishing

The calm waters in Thurman are perfect for casting a line and spending the day fishing for Brook Trout. Native to Eastern North America in the United States and Canada, Brook Trout is also known as the eastern brook trout, speckled trout, brook charr, squaretail, or mud trout, among others. These trout are beautifully colored fish with yellow spots over an olive-green back.

Fishing spots in Thurman:

  • Little Joe Pond in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest
  • Lixard Pond in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest
  • Shiras Pond in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest
  • Round Pond in Wilcox Lake Wild Forest
  • Patterson Brook in Thirteenth Lake Quadrangle

5. Hiking

The beautiful natural landscape of Thurman is best viewed from within. Get outside and enjoy the various hiking spots and scenic vistas tucked away throughout the community.

Places to Hike in Thurman:

  • Cod Pond – 2.2 mile easy hike to a scenic pond and primitive campsite.
  • Oregon Trail to Stewart Creek – 1.8 mile roundtrip easy, flat (sometimes muddy) trail along a beautiful creek to a waterfall and site of an old dam. A great location for bird watching.
  • Round pond – 4.6 mile roundtrip on a seldom-used trail to a secluded pond with great opportunities for wildlife viewing and fishing.
  • Crane Mountain Trailhead.

Just a few hours north of New York City and a couple of hours south of the Canadian border, the Adirondack Mountains offer an outdoor paradise. The abundant landscape has inspired generations to put down roots and enjoy all the richness that area has to offer.

Come fall in love with Thurman!