Warren County EDC Hires Amy Potter as Marketing and Communications Director

Amy PotterThe members of the Economic Development Corporation Warren County (EDC) have a new champion. Amy Potter, formerly of Stewart’s Shops, has agreed to join the EDC team as their Marketing and Communications Director.

“I am so excited to engage with our existing and potential members on how we can support them as we all seek to recover and step into the future economy together.”, states Amy with a smile. “We will look to communicate in a number of ways including direct conversations, social media interactions, and targeted problem solving to expand our partnership with more entities across the region.”

With a successful career as the Corporate Contributions Director at Stewart’s Shops, bringing more than 20 years of experience in marketing, corporate philanthropy, relationship building, and multitasking to the table, EDC will value her expertise. “I’ve met a lot of really great people in my career, people who really care about where they work, live and play. A place like Warren County is no exception”, says Amy. “As the newest component of a small but strong team, being able to showcase what Warren County has to offer will be very rewarding. I am looking forward to my new role here at Warren County EDC.”

Investing in local people, Potter’s focus will be on enhancing EDC’s exposure to many regions in and around Warren County with the ongoing theme of “Retain, Grow, and Attract Business.” Key areas of engagement include regional leadership and investment in broadband and housing, and an emphasis on infrastructure that can lead to business growth. In Warren County, New York, affordably priced housing, excellent educational resources, and abundant recreation and cultural sites contribute to an exceptional quality of life. We recently posted an endeavor on EDC’s blog “The Upside” asking for relocation stories. This is an exciting way to engage with the community asking for real stories in real-time.

“I am very excited to have Amy Potter as the newest asset at the EDC,” says Warren County EDC President and CEO Jim Siplon. “Her remarkable experience and relationships are well known and will help us forge the path of true public and private partnership needed to become our very best. With hard-won skills, energy, and work ethic honed on an area farm, Amy is a perfect addition to the EDC and the community we serve.”