Health Care in Warren County

Glens Falls Hospital is Warren County’s largest employer, with approximately 2,800 jobs, as well as several hundred ancillary jobs that are dependent on this provider of health care services to the North Country. The hospital serves a broad geographic region extending from northern Saratoga County, east from Washington County and north into the southern Adirondacks.

Hudson Headwaters Health Network is a nonprofit system of 19 community health centers providing primary care to more than 5,600 square miles of the Adirondack North Country and Glens Falls region. The network serves all of Warren County and parts of Clinton, Essex, Hamilton, Saratoga and Washington counties.

Hudson Headwaters is the sole medical provider in much of this rural, medically underserved region. In the Glens Falls area, Hudson Headwaters is the only primary care “safety-net” provider. HHHN patients are served in Hudson Headwaters’ local health centers, in hospitals, nursing homes, work places, schools and in their homes.

Hudson Headwaters – Warrensburg

A Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Hudson Headwaters’ mission is to provide care to everyone in the communities regardless of income or insurance. HHHN practitioners care for more than 1,000 people a day, accounting for about 381,631 patient visits in 2018.