Leading by example: Ash Anand of The Bond 1976 and Lotus Group

Ribbon cutting at The Bond

Yesterday, the Inauguration and Grant Re-Launch of The Bond 1786 in Warrensburg took place, with a ribbon-cutting by the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce. Read the press release about the opening here.

EDC Vice President John Wheatley says, “The Bond 1786 is a truly beautiful revitalization of a historic landmark restaurant and inn in Warrensburg, NY. I remember going there many years ago and was saddened when it fell on hard times. The Bond is a wonderful tribute to the vision and dedication of Ash Anand and the entire Lotus Group team. In a very short time, Ash and Lotus Group have proven that Destination Warrensburg is a reality, not just a slogan.”

Ash said in a speech during the event, “I feel blessed… The first thing that comes to mind is I am blessed. I am blessed that we are celebrating this today. I am blessed because of the company I have today; all of you. I am blessed because I’m able to recreate history and that is very critical to us. So I have all the reasons to celebrate this and I can not be more thankful for everything all of you do.”

He added, “Our staff is like our family. So we call it the Anand family and the Lotus family for a reason. There is nobody that’s not a part of it, whether it’s somebody who heads our business versus somebody who is a dishwasher at the restaurant, they’re all the same to us, and I appreciate every single one of them, and I mean it when I say it. I’m fortunate. I’m fortunate to have this. I don’t do this for a reason that is anything else but to be leading by example, and this is completely out of my team.”

He proceeded to name every staffer in the crowd, and asked the chefs and kitchen staff to come out and join him and be photographed. The recognition and respect for one’s staff is certainly a shining example of true leadership, and EDC applauds and appreciates his investment in Warrensburg.